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Met Gala 2023 - A Peek Behind the Fashion Curtain


Welcome to the fabulous world of the Met Gala, a glittering event where every year on the first Monday of May, glamour and fashion meet art, a time-honored tradition marking the inauguration of the Costume Institute's forthcoming exhibition. This year, on May 1st, the spotlight will shine brightly on the remarkable legacy of the late Karl Lagerfeld.

The museum has unveiled its spring 2023 exhibition theme as 'Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty'. During a press event at Paris Fashion Week in September, the Met confirmed the theme, and more recently, disclosed that the gala would be held in homage to the iconic designer.

In 2019, the world bid farewell to the legendary designer at the age of 85. His illustrious career saw him crowned as one of the most distinguished and esteemed fashion designers in history, taking the helm at renowned fashion houses such as Fendi, Chanel, and his eponymous label. He continued to serve as creative director for all three brands until his passing.

The exhibition will honor the creative brilliance of Lagerfeld, while the star-studded gala is expected to see a multitude of his close friends and collaborators draw inspiration from his most iconic designs. The extravagant ensembles worn on the evening will pay tribute to the exceptional body of work he left behind.

Here, we present a comprehensive guide to the Met Gala and what it takes to ascend the famed staircase.

Blake Livley at the Met gala 2018

Who is invited to the Met Gala?

The Met Gala guest list is a who's who of the fashion, film, music, and art industries. A-list celebrities, top fashion designers, and other high-profile figures are all invited to grace the red carpet. However, snagging an invitation is no easy feat, as we'll discover below.

How are Met Gala attendees chosen?

Attendees are handpicked by Vogue's Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, and the event's host which Vogue announced earlier in January Michaela Coel, Penélope Cruz, Dua Lipa, and Roger Federer. They consider factors like celebrity status, relevance, and potential to make a statement on the red carpet. In other words, it's all about standing out in the crowd!

Who chooses who can go to the Met Gala?

As mentioned earlier, the final say on the guest list lies with Anna Wintour and the host committee. If you're lucky enough to receive an invitation, consider it a golden ticket to the most exclusive event of the year!

Anna Wintour at the 2019 Met Gala

Who is invited to the Met Gala 2023?

While the complete list of attendees remains a closely guarded secret, we can expect the usual suspects like A-list celebrities, renowned designers, and up-and-coming stars. Keep an eye out for Blackpinks Rosé returning for her second Met gala appearance, and rumored to join her this year for the first time fellow Blackpink Member Jennie!

BLACKPINK's Jennie will reportedly be making her debut this year at the Met Gala

Can normal people go to the Met Gala?

In a nutshell: not really. The Met Gala is an invite-only event, and unless you have serious connections in the fashion world or a whopping £50,000 (approximately) to spare for a ticket, attending as an ordinary person is nigh impossible.

Who has never been invited to the Met Gala?

Believe it or not, there are a few celebrities who've never received an invitation. For instance, Kim Kardashian reportedly had to wait until 2013 to attend her first Met Gala, while other celebs might still be waiting for their chance to shine.

Kylie and Kendall attending the 2019 Met gala

Do celebrities choose what they wear to the Met Gala?

While celebrities have some say in their outfit choices, they often collaborate with designers to create memorable looks. Designers are keen to dress the stars, as it's a chance to showcase their work on a global stage. In some cases, fashion houses might partner with specific celebrities, ensuring a perfect match between the star and the brand.

The Role of Designers in outfit selection

Designers work closely with celebrities to create ensembles that align with the event's theme and make a bold statement on the red carpet. Past Met Galas have seen iconic looks like Rihanna's Pope-inspired outfit by Maison Margiela in 2018 and Lady Gaga's four-outfit extravaganza by Brandon Maxwell in 2019.

Rihanna at the Met gala 2018

What is the purpose of the Met Gala?

At its core, the Met Gala is a fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. The star-studded affair raises millions to support the Institute's exhibitions, acquisitions, and capital improvements, ensuring that it remains a premier institution for fashion and art lovers.

In addition to its fundraising aspect, the Met Gala also serves as a platform to showcase creativity and innovation in the fashion industry. Each year, the event features a unique theme inspired by the Costume Institute's exhibition, encouraging designers and celebrities to push the boundaries of fashion and make a lasting impression on the red carpet.


As we eagerly await the arrival of the Met Gala 2023, it's clear that this extraordinary event continues to be a significant occasion in the world of fashion. From its exclusive guest list and breathtaking fashion choices to its philanthropic purpose, the Met Gala remains an unparalleled celebration of style, art, and glamour. So, mark your calendars, fashion enthusiasts, and stay tuned for more updates on the most anticipated event of the year!


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